Hampi, India

Hampi, India

This is a small part of a channelled reply for someone who said "the main purpose for contacting you is to get more closely connected to the supportive universe around me, and to appreciate that".

"Now to our querent’s search for an opening of her spirit to the greater knowledge that resides in the, as yet, un-contacted realms by her. We see, we know, we feel that she is a bright star amongst her peers. A positive and happy soul, and one who brings much pleasure to those around her. She is a person who does not turn away from hard tasks, from putting her shoulder to the grindstone, from being a rock for others to depend upon. For she is full of the energy of caring, of mothering, of carefully offering herself to those in her circle who at times need a supporting hand.

But we say that our querent must also focus on her own path, on her own support, on her own development, or own inner development. For there is much lying dormant here. In order for her to fully embrace her mission in this lifetime, she would do well to spend time in furthering her knowledge of esoteric matters, for she is denying her own gifts. She is shining so brightly for all to see in these realms, but she dims her light in order to not draw attention to herself in her physical life.

There is no urgency, to rush, no reason to give impetus to this learning. But we do know that she will be thrilled at the resultant opening of her parameters, her options, her chances to vibrate in a frequency that matches others who are deserving of her company. We see her living somewhat in limbo right now, in these times, for there is no unhappiness but we see how much more she would attract to herself if she trusted in the abilities that she is now only just becoming aware of.

We are not her masters. We are her guides. We may not give direct instructions on how to uncover her bounteous gifts but we are permitted to urge her, to tempt her, to entice her even, in the direction of what we believe would suit her best. So we applaud her in this step of using an intermediary to contact us, as this is surely a step in the right direction." 

(April 2015 - permission given by querent to publish)