1st channelling: "Loads of tears... just trying to process everything I just read. AMAZING... thank you so very much."
2nd channelling: "Well... All I can say is WOW. It was SO incredible and spot on for what I am feeling!! You are so amazing to do these channellings!!! I am in awe of your gift. It's incredible what you do for   people."



Sandy Tatham read for me while we were in Pushkar, India in the winter of 2014-2015. Her reading of me, answering questions about both of my children and my twin flame, was exceptionally insightful and invaluable with regard to its messages and advice. I was urged to write and writing this is reminding me again of what I am supposed to be doing! Her description of my children was very comforting at a difficult time and was very reassuring. 

Her message brought through hers and my guides, was so on point as to be undeniably magical in its presentation. Sandy has a gift and is very connected. Let her tell you what the guides want you to know! You will feel blessed that you did!



Thank you so much for these divine messages. I can't wait to discuss them with you over Skype. It adds a whole new layer of understanding and appreciation of what I'm doing here - it's also given me a lot more conviction to go with what feels natural and right :) Xx
Working with Sandy was a truly enlightening experience - one that I would recommend to everyone, especially those in need of some guidance. When I requested a channelling, I felt such a wonderful sense of comfort in knowing that I was being spoken to through such a beautiful vessel. Her insight and interpretation of numerology helped shed light into many aspects of myself that I had yet to fully acknowledge and embrace. She was so patient as I asked question after question, always answering with such depth and sincerity. Above and beyond the remarkable nature of Sandy’s gifts, she is so filled with warmth and wisdom that you can’t help but feel all that love and understanding nurture you along your path. 
It was such a pleasure working with you, Sandy! I know I’ll be consulting you in the future and feel so honoured to have you on this journey with me Xx