Yantra, Hampi, India

Yantra, Hampi, India

This was part of a channelling for a client who is aligned with very high frequencies:

"We are sending signs and symbols for her interpretation and to assist in esoteric teachings, as we do to all those who have chosen to spend this lifetime in a physical body. And we say that these signs and symbols are to vibrate long forgotten keys within the physical body.

They are not always for the mind to interpret. They are as a tuning fork, a musician’s tool, for reactivating hard-to-get-to memories and connections with those on the other side, with those living on similar planets to your earth, with those who exist only in light bodies.

For you are all part of the whole, and the ties are never broken but are sometimes difficult to intuit, so we send those signs and symbols which she has over multiple life experiences chosen as those that best bring her back into alignment with her true self."

(January 2015 - permission given by querent to publish)