I am very happy to share my gift with you and welcome your enquiry. I allow your collective of guides to reply to any questions that you send me. They will probably also give you other advice that they feel would benefit you at this time. Your guides are always benevolent and helpful mentors, though they are somewhat limited as to what they are permitted to tell you as Gaia is a free will planet. You can also direct questions to your loved ones on the other side, or your favourite angelic beings, though such contact is never certain. 

This is followed up with a 30 minute Skype call during which I can offer clarification on what your guides have said to you. The channelled messages are usually quite straightforward but they do come with a vibration and some emotions that are not always easily conveyed by their words. I can also offer advice based on my own studies and personal experience of spirituality.

I may also provide you with a numerology analysis of your birthdate, as I find it helpful to see what energies you have chosen for your mission in this lifetime and how you are working with these energies.

I channel a personal message from your guides for US$50. Subsequent channelled messages are US$35.

~~ ♥♥♥ ~~

Please email me with your queries or we can have a chat by Skype. I would love to hear from you.

Please also feel free to gift my channelling service to a friend or family member. I will of course provide a refund if they are hesitant about accepting it.