Ancestor Worship...

It's my last few days in Bali and my mind turns to the beautiful practice of Ancestor Worship. It reminded me of a lovely channelling for someone who asked about her ex-partner (who now resides in the non-physical world) and she is happy for me to share it here:

"We turn now to the energies, the loving ‘spirits’ as you call them, who surround you. There are many. Too many and too difficult in your conceptual language to name! However we will most clearly present to you the thoughts, the communication from the one who was once your sacred partner on Earth. The one who shares children with you. The one who walks with his children also.

Of course he has never left you. He is your partner in so many ways, in so many lifetimes, in so many galaxies even. There is nothing that you haven’t done together in other times and which you are also doing at this 'time', as you call it. For you are not simply the expression that walks on Gaia. You are only one expression of your soul that walks on Gaia.

You are also in different forms and expressions in many other realms, galaxies, universes. For you desire... no, your Creator desires through you… to experience everything that is possible. To expand as far as possible. To love as much as possible."