We all incarnate in the 3D Earth dimension with the intention to undertake a particular life mission and to learn some spiritual lessons. In order to assist you in your mission and evolution, you chose specific energies to work with. Your birth date provides the biggest clues to your 'energy blueprint'. I find it very helpful to look at whether you are making the most of such energies.

My teacher, David A Phillips PhD, is one of the few Pythagorean numerologists to explore numerology through the 'arrows' of energy of consecutive groups of numbers, or absence of numbers. I find this to be invaluable in helping to explain a person's driving force. I highly recommend Dr Phillips book. The Kindle version is just US$1.32.



I've always been fascinated with channelling. Some of my favourites are Kryon, and I recommend this channelling called “Who Are You?”. I love the composite entity of Abraham, channelled through Esther Hicks, and this is a good example of "asking and receiving" in the Law of Attraction. I also draw inspiration from Erik, who died as a teenager and is now committed to teach us what he’s discovered from his new broader perspective. This is one of my favourite videos, Erik with Gandhi. Another favourite channeller is Alison Ailfinn Allan, and this is her amazing communication with Creator Source.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the authenticity and content of any of these. Please always be discerning with esoteric material. If something doesn't resonate with you just ignore it.

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With my daughter, Sarah-Jane Perman, in Hampi, India, during her ‘activation retreat’ in 2016.


I am drawn to the teachings of Jesus Sananda and have received the energy of this great soul on numerous occasions, especially when I meditate. I came across Dolores Cannon’s book called "They Walked with Jesus" when I was in Rishikesh, India, and I immersed myself in it immediately. 

I loved the following which came through in a message for a special client late in 2015: We wish you great happiness in the season of giving, of receiving, of bathing in the joy of Christ passion. Your world is being flooded with the energies of Christ consciousness at this time. Know that it is affecting all, and further enhancing the abilities of everyone to love more fully and to be less judgemental, less reticent, less afraid of love.

Another fascinating insight into the incarnation of Jesus on Gaia is this video by Tina Louse Spalding called "Channelling Jesus Part 1"

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I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation since my early 30s. It is a form of mantra meditation and I highly recommend it. Here is video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explaining his ancient technique.


A few of my favourites

Neale Donald Walsch "Conversations with God" series
Susan Ferguson "Innana Returns"
Dolores Cannon "They Walked with Jesus"
Brian Weiss "Many Lives, Many Masters"