Explosion in Use of Plant Medicines...

Question from Sarah-Jane for her June Energy Forecast: Can you please comment on the explosion of plant medicine use on our planet (like ayahuasca)... I often feel that although the potency of the plant is immense and I do believe in its magic, I feel that the current usage and obsession with it feels like a denser frequency... like people are doing more damage than good by seeking such a fast tracked results driven and drug assisted approach to spirituality... when really the energy is currently supporting this awakening so easily without the need for diving into the shadow...

Ayahuasca Retreat, Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca Retreat, Iquitos Peru

We hear you, dear soul, and we understand your question, your concerns, your quest for light and paths which follow only the light. We congratulate you on recognising that there are paths which use darkness to provide drama, to obfuscate the message, to entrap the initiates in a cycle of repetition and even addiction.

Yes the power of the plant's own essence, its very chemical makeup, can be used in a way which follows the light, and has been used in this way by those who have been initiated by teachers who have studied for eons, as you might say. And we do see some experimentation with use to provide quick reactions, dramatic releases, supposed insights. Those people who follow this path, both the ones who are providing the initiates with the plant medicine, and the initiates themselves, are oftentimes not prepared to take the path of finding the light in smaller steps, in deeper investigation, in going within in a natural and now totally possible way due to the raising of the vibration of spirituality on your Earth planet.

Do not be concerned in a profound way, however, for these practitioners, both the bringers of the medicines and those who are partaking of the medicines, are also benefiting from learning about the reactions and insights that are received. Some are sparking a part of their remembrance which will bring them more speedily to the path of the light that you refer to. The path of reconnecting the whole body, all the bodies -- the energetic, the etheric, the emotional, the physical -- and thus allowing full connection with the energies of your beloved Gaia and beyond. For some people will only come to this path after experimenting with other more popular and trending methods of provoking the senses.

Some do indeed receive profoundly affecting results which they can use to create their art, their scientific experimentation and inventions, and to reconfigure relationships which are in an endless loop of sadness and depression. You could say that this is a 'quick start' for some. But we also caution that it can be a 'quick start' to opening doors to darker areas of one's soul.

We, like you, encourage humanity to practice time-honoured methods from the esoteric worlds to assist in coming to the light, to become awakened, to become enlightened. These esoteric methods that we mention are very popular in your societies, in your scientifically better developed cultures. These practices involve much focus on the breath, on awareness, on the subtle fields of energy that surround oneself -- on using gentler methods of realigning the human vehicle with the vibrations of the planet which supports the human vehicle, and with the planet's surrounding electro-magnetic fields. 

When one is truly in alignment with these vibrations, not in every minute but from time-to-time coming back to the alignment that feels right, one's total presence will be at one with All, in harmony with All, in balance with All. This is when we are able to be communing with you. When we are able to assist you in bringing joy and love to your planet. You are becoming the very portal through which we can beam this energy, this light, this love, this sound. We rejoice in our realms when we find such beings who are in the alignment which suits us, and whom we can work together with to create a greater universe for all.

We love your question.
We say, do not despair... for all on are on their journey.
Hold the light.
Hold the space... as you do.
And be the wide-armed recipient of those who choose the more profound and longer lasting methods of bringing their whole beings into alignment with All That Is.

Namaste... and love to All.