For Gypsy Travellers

Spiritual message to a long-term traveller who decided to put down roots for a while….

Me in my favourite ‘gypsy place’, Pushkar, Rajasthan. Photo taken by one of the children.

Me in my favourite ‘gypsy place’, Pushkar, Rajasthan. Photo taken by one of the children.

“We see your radiance, we feel your ‘sweet surrender’ we might call it. We see your acceptance of a new cycle, a new beginning, a new birthing of this coming incarnation of who you are at this time. For you are constantly, continuously, forever recreating yourself. With every breath that you take, you are a new you. At least you have the chance to be a new you. Not everyone accepts that chance. Not everyone takes up that mantle. Not everyone can throw off the stories that they have written about their lives and declare... “today I am beginning again and I will relax in the knowing that I am supported, I am loved, I am blessed, I am grateful”.

So here you are, in your new environment and deciding to put down some roots for a while. We are proud of you. We know how hard you worked while you went from place to place, sometimes in a relaxed holiday-mode, and sometimes simply surviving the trials of modern travel. And the people you’ve met! Some you would not rush to meet again, but some who touched your heart, brought tears to your eyes, and a difficulty with breath when you said goodbye. Such is the way of a gypsy life, of encountering ships in the night, of being in a slipstream of chance and synchronicity, and some electrifying moments of joy, and some dark and anxious moments of frustration or even fear.

Thank you, dear Soul of Light for allowing us to observe you on your journeys. We have learnt so much from you. We have gained a breadth of understanding that you generously shared with us when your emotions ran free and unfiltered. And when we could meet in your dreamtime to counsel you on your choices, your hurts, your wondrous expectations, we were overjoyed. Not that being in one place on your planet for this time will mean any less sharing, or any less learning on our part. Just that it won’t carry, we don’t believe, the constant descrambling of emotions and decisions. We look forward to refining some beautiful patterns of behaviour that work to keep you calm, in a state of oneness, and in a peace that is at times so still there is a merging with All That Is.”

[Note: Permission was kindly given to share.]