Resurgence of the feminine energies, and a reshaping of the masculine...

In personal channellings, your "guide collective" (which includes your own higher self) will often come through with wisdom that is not only personal but applicable to ALL of humanity, as in this excerpt which a client has kindly given me permission to publish:

"We trust that this will not come as a surprise, for all of humanity is going through a resurgence of the feminine energies… a reshaping of the masculine in order to retain the strength, the determination, the single-mindedness, and the achievements, yet a softening into a more blended mix of the masculine with the feminine.
This is changing your world. This is breaking down so many barriers.
This is bringing love and peace into the lives of so many who have chosen to experience lives with a mixture of masculine and feminine that goes against the norm. We speak of those who are male and female in one body. We speak of those who are male but desire to live as female, and vice versa. We speak of those who desire to experience the love from one of the same sex. 
We rejoice that your earth plane is now accepting these possibilities as one great experiment in living life in peace, equality and harmony with all. For what more is desired of the physical experience than love and peace in a community which sees all possibilities as equal."