Is Time Speeding Up?

From my daughter...

I have been very intrigued about the concept of time on our planet so I asked my dear Mama to channel me a message from my guides. Here it is:   

Sarah-Jane: What is happening to time on our planet - is it really speeding up? Or is it actually not as it seems...? I have heard that it is not linear as we think it is and we all living all of our lives in this present moment... can you please expand on this.

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Channelled Reply:  Such a perfect question from one who is operating in many frequencies at the one time! Of course you are correct. Time is not now, nor was it ever, linear. Time is a construct you human beings have put on your reality in order to bring some sense to your vibrations, in order to combine with others who are operating in the enclosure of your planet’s electro-magnetic and gravitational frequency fields. 

If everyone were to ignore all limits to time it would create many difficulties in aligning in the physical density. However, we do encourage all who are adventurous to experiment with going outside this construct, with breaking the rules. With delving deeply into the infinitely resonating universe and just allowing themselves to ‘spend some time’ in other time-space realities. It is invigorating. It is what happens to many people when they use substances that trick their brains into sidestepping their inbuilt constraints.

We see that you would like to also know if the time construct itself is speeding up. With Gaia moving into a completely new relationship with other planets and star systems in your Universe, of course this has affected the frequencies that are being experienced. Some people can realign with the new and oftentimes ‘faster’ frequencies with ease, however many people are reacting and clinging on to old paradigms. This is a subject for another discussion. We prefer not to use the description speeding up as that can bring fear. That can bring alarm. That can really shake up those who are not fast adapters!

With daily meditation and practices of grounding the changes will hardly be noticed by many. They are so infinitesimal that even the most advanced scientific instruments are yet to record the trend. ‘Sensitives’ and those involved in esoteric studies will be more open to calling this new phase a speeding up but those who are not able to detect any difference should simply be supported in where they are on the path that all are on, in their own way: the path of expansion towards a higher consciousness.

Again with the querent, we caution against her desire to know what all of her soul’s aspects are doing at any point in time. This is not always beneficial. The message from almost all of your masters who have walked on earth is to focus on your present now moment, not to drift off into wondering what your other ‘now moments’ may be doing, or may be experiencing. Not to even be tempted to glimpse the mechanisms of how other aspects of not just your own soul, your higher self, is frequently merging with your present incarnation in the physical, but how aspects of others from your soul group, your wider spiritual group, your overlying collective consciousness, is also at times merging and emerging from your own aspect. You would truly be an ascended master if you could expand your own consciousness to experience this at this time!

We encourage your experimentation, we encourage your expansion, we encourage your joy in revelling in the changes, in the speeding up of not just your time frequency but the frequency of so many other qualities of life on your planet! 

Be quiet and still. Know that all that is being done in the time construct that you have made for your human collective is right, is enough, is not too much, is perfect.

~~ ♥♥♥ ~~

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