Personal Sovereignty...

To contribute to my daughter's Priestess Temple of Activation Facebook page, I asked my guides for advice on personal sovereignty...

"We welcome this deference to our higher, wider, broader, deeper perspective.

We see your sovereignty as a coming of age, a maturing into an individual who retains all her integrity, all her honesty, all her compassion, all her love and light at all times.

She is very rarely moved from this position of central focus on her own mission, her own desire to anchor in the energies that serve the all.

She is rooted in Gaia, she works in tandem with the energies within Gaia, she rises above and collaborates with the energies surrounding Gaia, for she knows, in her deepest reaches, who she is and what she has come to do.

Stand strong in that knowing. Stand strong in your sovereignty.

Remain objective and compassionate when assessing matters for the greater good of all. Use emotions to enjoy life, to raise vibrations, to soar above all troubles, but come back to the dispassionate in order to maintain an even keel, a viewpoint that encompasses all.

Be in love at all times."