For Gypsy Travellers

Spiritual message to a long-term traveller who decided to put down roots for a while….

Me in my favourite ‘gypsy place’, Pushkar, Rajasthan. Photo taken by one of the children.

Me in my favourite ‘gypsy place’, Pushkar, Rajasthan. Photo taken by one of the children.

“We see your radiance, we feel your ‘sweet surrender’ we might call it. We see your acceptance of a new cycle, a new beginning, a new birthing of this coming incarnation of who you are at this time. For you are constantly, continuously, forever recreating yourself. With every breath that you take, you are a new you. At least you have the chance to be a new you. Not everyone accepts that chance. Not everyone takes up that mantle. Not everyone can throw off the stories that they have written about their lives and declare... “today I am beginning again and I will relax in the knowing that I am supported, I am loved, I am blessed, I am grateful”.

So here you are, in your new environment and deciding to put down some roots for a while. We are proud of you. We know how hard you worked while you went from place to place, sometimes in a relaxed holiday-mode, and sometimes simply surviving the trials of modern travel. And the people you’ve met! Some you would not rush to meet again, but some who touched your heart, brought tears to your eyes, and a difficulty with breath when you said goodbye. Such is the way of a gypsy life, of encountering ships in the night, of being in a slipstream of chance and synchronicity, and some electrifying moments of joy, and some dark and anxious moments of frustration or even fear.

Thank you, dear Soul of Light for allowing us to observe you on your journeys. We have learnt so much from you. We have gained a breadth of understanding that you generously shared with us when your emotions ran free and unfiltered. And when we could meet in your dreamtime to counsel you on your choices, your hurts, your wondrous expectations, we were overjoyed. Not that being in one place on your planet for this time will mean any less sharing, or any less learning on our part. Just that it won’t carry, we don’t believe, the constant descrambling of emotions and decisions. We look forward to refining some beautiful patterns of behaviour that work to keep you calm, in a state of oneness, and in a peace that is at times so still there is a merging with All That Is.”

[Note: Permission was kindly given to share.]

On Returning to Ethiopia...

I found myself back in Ethiopia-Abbyssinia in January 2017. I am always interested to know why I am drawn to some places on Earth and not to others so I asked my guides:

“Dear one, you are in that land of ancient memories because it holds a fascination for you. It holds the vibration of you in other timelines, in other civilisations. You accomplished much in these experiences and you love to return to see reflected in the faces of the people those same expressions and inspirations that inspired you in other times.

That land holds secrets. That land is the wellspring of so much that has occurred for humanity on Earth. It is in need of the essence of freedom that you hold within your own DNA. It is a nation that desires to break free of control, and yet is still hesitant and the momentum has yet to build. You are assisting in that momentum. You are assisting in fixing light and love and the essence of individuality and freedom into the grid of that land. It is no hardship for you for they are your people.

Hold love in your heart and be generous in your spirit.
That is all that is asked for.
We thank you.”

Early worship outside the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Axum. This most important church in Ethiopia claims to contain the Ark of the Covenant.

Early worship outside the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Axum. This most important church in Ethiopia claims to contain the Ark of the Covenant.

Added later: Wow, huge Gateway for the week beginning on the 22 February, and I find I need more sleep and food and water!!! I'm back in Ethiopia and was wondering why, as it's hardly a popular tourist destination, especially as it's also in a 'state of emergency' due to some gathering civil unrest. Ethiopia has poverty and an oppressive government, but also incredible ancient history and wonderful people. So I channelled for myself and received the beautiful message above from my 'spiritual team' (above). Then everything *fell into place* when I read Sandra Walter's post for the Gateway week...   

"Starseed Gatekeepers and many Gridworkers carry unique encodements within our DNA which activate at certain stages of the Ascension process. These encodements also trigger the opening of Gateways, portals, and Solar aspects of Gaia. This is why it is so important to follow the intuition when guided to travel to certain areas, or engage in Gridwork. Your DNA aligns with crystal beds, sacred sites, or ancient sites underground where you or your Divine Team have left specific codes to activate during the Shift. Your Solar Heart center becomes the mechanism for serving as a pure conduit, and reactivating those sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence during Gatework or Gridwork."

Personal Sovereignty...

To contribute to my daughter's Priestess Temple of Activation Facebook page, I asked my guides for advice on personal sovereignty...

"We welcome this deference to our higher, wider, broader, deeper perspective.

We see your sovereignty as a coming of age, a maturing into an individual who retains all her integrity, all her honesty, all her compassion, all her love and light at all times.

She is very rarely moved from this position of central focus on her own mission, her own desire to anchor in the energies that serve the all.

She is rooted in Gaia, she works in tandem with the energies within Gaia, she rises above and collaborates with the energies surrounding Gaia, for she knows, in her deepest reaches, who she is and what she has come to do.

Stand strong in that knowing. Stand strong in your sovereignty.

Remain objective and compassionate when assessing matters for the greater good of all. Use emotions to enjoy life, to raise vibrations, to soar above all troubles, but come back to the dispassionate in order to maintain an even keel, a viewpoint that encompasses all.

Be in love at all times."

Explosion in Use of Plant Medicines...

Question from Sarah-Jane for her June Energy Forecast: Can you please comment on the explosion of plant medicine use on our planet (like ayahuasca)... I often feel that although the potency of the plant is immense and I do believe in its magic, I feel that the current usage and obsession with it feels like a denser frequency... like people are doing more damage than good by seeking such a fast tracked results driven and drug assisted approach to spirituality... when really the energy is currently supporting this awakening so easily without the need for diving into the shadow...

Ayahuasca Retreat, Iquitos Peru

Ayahuasca Retreat, Iquitos Peru

We hear you, dear soul, and we understand your question, your concerns, your quest for light and paths which follow only the light. We congratulate you on recognising that there are paths which use darkness to provide drama, to obfuscate the message, to entrap the initiates in a cycle of repetition and even addiction.

Yes the power of the plant's own essence, its very chemical makeup, can be used in a way which follows the light, and has been used in this way by those who have been initiated by teachers who have studied for eons, as you might say. And we do see some experimentation with use to provide quick reactions, dramatic releases, supposed insights. Those people who follow this path, both the ones who are providing the initiates with the plant medicine, and the initiates themselves, are oftentimes not prepared to take the path of finding the light in smaller steps, in deeper investigation, in going within in a natural and now totally possible way due to the raising of the vibration of spirituality on your Earth planet.

Do not be concerned in a profound way, however, for these practitioners, both the bringers of the medicines and those who are partaking of the medicines, are also benefiting from learning about the reactions and insights that are received. Some are sparking a part of their remembrance which will bring them more speedily to the path of the light that you refer to. The path of reconnecting the whole body, all the bodies -- the energetic, the etheric, the emotional, the physical -- and thus allowing full connection with the energies of your beloved Gaia and beyond. For some people will only come to this path after experimenting with other more popular and trending methods of provoking the senses.

Some do indeed receive profoundly affecting results which they can use to create their art, their scientific experimentation and inventions, and to reconfigure relationships which are in an endless loop of sadness and depression. You could say that this is a 'quick start' for some. But we also caution that it can be a 'quick start' to opening doors to darker areas of one's soul.

We, like you, encourage humanity to practice time-honoured methods from the esoteric worlds to assist in coming to the light, to become awakened, to become enlightened. These esoteric methods that we mention are very popular in your societies, in your scientifically better developed cultures. These practices involve much focus on the breath, on awareness, on the subtle fields of energy that surround oneself -- on using gentler methods of realigning the human vehicle with the vibrations of the planet which supports the human vehicle, and with the planet's surrounding electro-magnetic fields. 

When one is truly in alignment with these vibrations, not in every minute but from time-to-time coming back to the alignment that feels right, one's total presence will be at one with All, in harmony with All, in balance with All. This is when we are able to be communing with you. When we are able to assist you in bringing joy and love to your planet. You are becoming the very portal through which we can beam this energy, this light, this love, this sound. We rejoice in our realms when we find such beings who are in the alignment which suits us, and whom we can work together with to create a greater universe for all.

We love your question.
We say, do not despair... for all on are on their journey.
Hold the light.
Hold the space... as you do.
And be the wide-armed recipient of those who choose the more profound and longer lasting methods of bringing their whole beings into alignment with All That Is.

Namaste... and love to All.

Other Lifetimes...

I was with my daughter's Hampi Activation Journey in January and we were in a beautiful and very historic temple from the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. After a period of meditation we were told to move around and allow ourselves to be drawn to places and to ask for messages or feelings. Two or three times I found myself before the carvings of a figure sitting in lotus pose with hands pressed together, and received these words...

"You are drawn to bow in namaste to the guru, the teacher. For you were also one of the teachers and that is why you have great reverence for the teacher."

When I lay my cheek against a large pillar I 'saw' water rushing along a small canal. I was told that I was the person in charge of the water system for the old city. It was a very significant job... 

"For without you there would be no life. For without you there would be no water to grow plants for food. For without you there would be no water for drinking. For without you there would be no water for cleanliness, for purification."


Now that the 'veil' between the physical and the non-physical worlds appears to be thinner, I recommend that everyone try communicating with nature and with the unseen realms. But be patient and remember to take plenty of time to listen for the replies!

~~ ♥♥♥ ~~

Is Time Speeding Up?

From my daughter...

I have been very intrigued about the concept of time on our planet so I asked my dear Mama to channel me a message from my guides. Here it is:   

Sarah-Jane: What is happening to time on our planet - is it really speeding up? Or is it actually not as it seems...? I have heard that it is not linear as we think it is and we all living all of our lives in this present moment... can you please expand on this.

Salvador Dali Cats Clocks

Channelled Reply:  Such a perfect question from one who is operating in many frequencies at the one time! Of course you are correct. Time is not now, nor was it ever, linear. Time is a construct you human beings have put on your reality in order to bring some sense to your vibrations, in order to combine with others who are operating in the enclosure of your planet’s electro-magnetic and gravitational frequency fields. 

If everyone were to ignore all limits to time it would create many difficulties in aligning in the physical density. However, we do encourage all who are adventurous to experiment with going outside this construct, with breaking the rules. With delving deeply into the infinitely resonating universe and just allowing themselves to ‘spend some time’ in other time-space realities. It is invigorating. It is what happens to many people when they use substances that trick their brains into sidestepping their inbuilt constraints.

We see that you would like to also know if the time construct itself is speeding up. With Gaia moving into a completely new relationship with other planets and star systems in your Universe, of course this has affected the frequencies that are being experienced. Some people can realign with the new and oftentimes ‘faster’ frequencies with ease, however many people are reacting and clinging on to old paradigms. This is a subject for another discussion. We prefer not to use the description speeding up as that can bring fear. That can bring alarm. That can really shake up those who are not fast adapters!

With daily meditation and practices of grounding the changes will hardly be noticed by many. They are so infinitesimal that even the most advanced scientific instruments are yet to record the trend. ‘Sensitives’ and those involved in esoteric studies will be more open to calling this new phase a speeding up but those who are not able to detect any difference should simply be supported in where they are on the path that all are on, in their own way: the path of expansion towards a higher consciousness.

Again with the querent, we caution against her desire to know what all of her soul’s aspects are doing at any point in time. This is not always beneficial. The message from almost all of your masters who have walked on earth is to focus on your present now moment, not to drift off into wondering what your other ‘now moments’ may be doing, or may be experiencing. Not to even be tempted to glimpse the mechanisms of how other aspects of not just your own soul, your higher self, is frequently merging with your present incarnation in the physical, but how aspects of others from your soul group, your wider spiritual group, your overlying collective consciousness, is also at times merging and emerging from your own aspect. You would truly be an ascended master if you could expand your own consciousness to experience this at this time!

We encourage your experimentation, we encourage your expansion, we encourage your joy in revelling in the changes, in the speeding up of not just your time frequency but the frequency of so many other qualities of life on your planet! 

Be quiet and still. Know that all that is being done in the time construct that you have made for your human collective is right, is enough, is not too much, is perfect.

~~ ♥♥♥ ~~

To ask your own question which will published with my daughter's Energy Forecast, please feel free to send it through to me or to Sarah-Jane Perman.

My Doubts...

Today I sat down to channel a follow-up message for a client about her business and study options. But I had been procrastinating, for many reasons. My guides always know how I'm feeling. They began the channelling with some advice for me...

"Dear one, we feel your worries, your sensitivity, your fleeting concerns that this work is somehow not valued by your culture, your family, your own heart. We will stand by you to answer your calls until all doubts are dispelled. 
Know that this work, this service that you do, that you allow to be transmitted through you, is extremely valued, supremely honoured, and loved completely by those of us on this side of the veil. 
Now we feel you are composed and comfortable and can begin the transmission for your beautiful client."

Please remember that everyone has their own guides, their own energy collective, on the other side of the veil who value, supremely honour, and love them completely!