Luxor, Egypt 2011

Luxor, Egypt 2011

Tahrir Square, Cairo 2011

Tahrir Square, Cairo 2011

I received this message whilst visiting Karnak Temple in Luxor during my visit to Egypt at the peak of the Arab Spring Revolution in 2011. I felt very connected to the energies of that historic setting and I asked why that would be.

"Where do we start to tell you of the happenings in this great temple? From time long forgotten the people of this land have been practising rituals and celebrations and sacrifices to the gods. We say gods, plural, because we equate the Absolute Being as presented in many faces, many guises, many shadows, many lights. Of course the Absolute Being is every-one and every-thing. 

The people of the origin of this temple had much knowledge of how this universe operated, how it came into being, how life would support its progress, how men and women could enhance their spiritual and physical progression. There have been many revolutions taking place on this sacred ground. We are warmed by the knowledge of this current revolution taking place in the land now known as Egypt.

We want to share some knowledge with you, something that you can remember and ponder on. We know that you have experienced life in the surrounding area of this temple, that you were once part of the rituals, of the learnings, of the teachings that were held in this temple. Indeed you were one of the teachers. You were able to reach other realms through your practice of what you now call meditation, a deepening of the mental energy to a place where this energy interconnects with the energy of the next realm, where important teachers and guides can impart lessons to those who reach them. You were then able to pass on the teachings to those around you. 

You were a very respected young man. You looked after your parents and your family very well. You were extremely happy and fortunate in all of your life. You carry that feeling with you today. You know that you have many guides around you who are always willing to help you reach the next step, the next progression in your refining of the ability to see beyond the physical.

You sometimes neglect this gift, as you have just been reminded of, but have no doubt it will become more and more important as time goes on. Other things in your life will be less important to you. Your gift will be of the utmost importance and you will enhance many lives through using it, including your own. 

At times you will need rest. This energy is powerful and can do damage if not controlled and channelled to the good of all. But you are fully aware of this and you need no reminding. It is others who may not quite understand when you need to rest, to take time to regroup, to use pure space to centre yourself, to use your physical practices of yoga and meditation to repair damage and to unblock neural pathways. For this is necessary when you are dealing with energy at a frequency such as yours when you are moving beyond the physical.

From this pure land of Egypt you will be moving to different lands. The different energies, some ancient, some new, will be interesting for you to work with. Trust that you will make time and know the place to go to where you can unburden yourself to others of like mind. Where you feel at peace and healthy and happy. Where you can let the new learnings settle into your soul and you can record what you feel is worth keeping for posterity and for sharing. 

This land of Egypt draws you back frequently. Not as a pleasure-seeker, but as someone who remembers the ancient practices where knowledge of the afterlife was known fully to many and spoken about to many. Other advances have come since that time. Advances in the economic and scientific world. But advances in the spiritual world have been slow until now.

You are entering a stage of rapid advance for the spiritual energies of all. Rejoice in this. You are part of it. You alone can cause an affect. Everyone should know that they can also cause an affect. Karma is one way of explaining this affect, but it doesn’t fully explain how the energy of the minutest particle can move another particle just by a mental picture change.

You have been interrupted. [I was sitting next to a temple pillar with my laptop and a young Danish couple from my guesthouse walked past and asked what I was doing.] We are very happy to continue communicating with you at any time and in any place you choose. A temple or mosque or church or nature is not important. It is where your mind is at that is important. You can put it anywhere you need in order to contact us. Just call and we are there. 

We are sharing in your triumphs at every stage of your journey. Your hardships are made less burdensome by our actions. Know that we help you, that we look out for you, that we want you to continue your pursuit of knowledge. Humanity needs people to do this, just as it needs people to take care of other aspects of life. All are equally important. What is important is to explore your path, your gifts, your abilities, your choices for being here in this life.

We bid you farewell and we rejoice in your return to your temple of belonging.

Love and light and beauty."

~ March 2011