Channelling for one of my daughter's Goddess Gatherings... 

Now to this wonderful group of souls who have chosen the path of incarnating in feminine form. In a form which has for the past centuries been oppressed, down trodden, sacrificed, and been made to feel lesser than the masculine. But we say it is now your turn, your chance to flourish in the recent changes to your planet’s energetic grid system. The pull on your hearts is to listen carefully to your inner voice, and then to take that inner voice and be clear and focused in projecting your truth in all things that you do.

This rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies was always bound to occur. For we do not see a thriving civilisation, as that which you have on Gaia, about to throw all that hard work, all of the advancements in technology, in mechanisation, in agriculture, in economic structures, away only to find that you need to begin again from the start. No, it was always inevitable that the feminine would rise up to meet the masculine, to bring back the balance. To be the major force for some years in order to repair much of the damage which was done during those years of advancement by the male component of your civilisation.

The men in your communities may feel that their masculinity has been taken away, usurped, stolen even. But you know that in order to bring the purity back into humanity it is required that much work be done to infuse all societies with softness, with patience, with tolerance, with creativity, with compassion and love. The men will soon cease being wary of this new softness and they will find themselves allowing their own feminine energies to open their hearts to the beauty that is now unfolding on Gaia.

We are truly rejoicing in the coming together of sisters in collective gatherings such as this one. A gathering which forms a heart-shape of love and light. A gathering which holds the individuals in a group in such a way as to give them a platform, a base, a place from which they can lay themselves vulnerable and open. From this vulnerable and open place they can soak up the energies of their sisters in the physical, of those feminine forms which are assisting but unseen, and attune themselves to the one which connects all feminine energies on this planet. We speak of your Mother Gaia, the one who has committed herself to be the supporter of life on your planet. The one who provides the physicality for such tremendous possibilities of learning, of evolving, of transcending, of transmuting.

We remind this group of sisters that the energies that are worked with in this time are forever available to each participant should she feel the need to call in the higher collective energy in order to return to this safe and strong place from which she can then re-attune herself to the vibrations which will help her in her time of need. This is an investment in time and resources which will always be valued, which will always repay the participant well, especially if she remembers that she is never working alone, that she can always depend upon the whole to restore her own energies.

We leave you now with our words of gratitude for the efforts that you are making to restore not just your own pure feminine aspects but to bring honour to the feminine aspect of all life on Gaia. For when you restore your own feminine aspect to its full purity and power, you are always restoring Mother Gaia to her own full purity and power. This is work that only those on Gaia can do. We are here to offer our hand of support, our words of appreciation, our wonder at what you individuals can do when you come together to work as a collective. Without even knowing the affect that you are having on Mother Gaia, on other females in the vicinity, on the whole component of your civilisation’s women, you have taken the time to anchor in the energies which are so valuable.

Bravo, dear goddesses, dear sisters, dear sweet souls.

We dance, we sing, we shower you with flowers.

We know this is so little and you are doing so much.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~~ ♥♥♥ ~~