My daughter Sarah-Jane accidentally broke her favourite crystal. While I was reading about the incident I was interrupted by an energy which asked if they could be permitted to "join the conversation, to add their perspective". This is what they said: 

"We are crystal guardians. We teach, we nurture, we flood your earth with specific energies which are captured by the structures [your crystals] that have the intent, the purpose, to become portable healing and inspirational tools.

We let you know that change and transformation are all we do. Change and transformation are the apogee of what we do, the total purpose for our existence. Whatever form we take is completely intentional. Sending love [to us] is so welcome, so comforting, yet almost unnecessary because we attract to us what we need at any time.

This is one of the main things that we are teaching human beings. That you are cellular structures that also work just as we do. You are all matter which transmutes into crystalline form. For you are becoming crystalline, you are becoming light beings, you are shattering, you are fragmenting, you are spinning off into portals and separate fields of energy, into vortices of love, of hope, of beauty, of trust.

Trust that when we work with you and our young crystal students, we are on your wavelength and influencing in a subtle way all that you do in order to amplify your new direction.

We leave you with trust, with all possibilities of love, of beauty, of harmony."

(June 2014)