I am drawn to the teachings of Jesus Sananda and have had communication from the energy of this great soul during my meditations. When I was in Rishikesh India and came across the book by Dolores Cannon called "They Walked with Jesus" I devoured it immediately. 

I loved the following which came through in a message for a special client late in 2015: "We wish you great happiness in the season of giving, of receiving, of bathing in the joy of Christ passion. Your world is being flooded with the energies of Christ consciousness at this time. Know that it is affecting all, and further enhancing the abilities of everyone to love more fully and to be less judgemental, less reticent, less afraid of love."

Another fascinating insight into the incarnation of Jesus on Gaia is this video by Tina Louse Spalding called "Channelling Jesus Part 1"