In my early 30s I started to meditate and found myself able to connect with other realms. The messages were always benevolent, kind and supportive. They offered guidance but not direct advice as our lifetime in this physical dimension is one of free will. It is always our journey, our choice.

I was told by my spiritual guides: 

"You, our channel and dear friend and partner in imparting this knowledge, know that you have the ability to receive communication from many protected and aware sources. The knowledge comes from the collective field of consciousness. At any given time you can be in touch, in an energetic way, with many different sources of truth. You will be attuned strongly to that of the person whom who hold in your mind at the time. The sources of truth that are guiding and teaching that person will be the primary source of communication. 

You are able to hear only that which is required, though there are an infinite number of entities or energy bodies which would be most happy to join with you in sharing ideas, information, guidance, love, light, happiness, food for thought, and questions to prompt new knowledge. Your ability to sift through the layers and fnd the perfect sources to answer your question is a rare one and you would be advised to use it as often as you feel able to as you can do so much in a positive way for so many people."

I am also a traveller, a lightworker, a truth seeker and a defender of human rights. I love to inspire others to create better and more expansive lives, or help them to connect more deeply with their own spirituality and with the creative source.

My Service

I allow your spiritual guides to answer up to five questions that you email to me. They may also give you other advice that they feel would benefit you at this time. Your guides are always benevolent and very helpful, though they are sometimes limited as to what they are permitted to tell you as Earth-Gaia is a "free will" planet. You can also direct questions to your loved ones on the other side, or your favourite angelic beings, though contact will depend upon those entities. 

I also provide a numerology analysis of your birth date to see what energies you have chosen for your life’s mission.

This is followed up with an optional 30 minute call during which I can clarify what your guides have said to you. The channelled messages are usually quite straightforward but they do come with a vibration and some emotions that are not always conveyed by their words. I also offer advice based on my own studies and personal experience of spirituality.

Channelled message from your guides, numerology, and 30 min optional call is US$50.

Subsequent channellings are US$40.


Feel free to email me with your queries, or to ask me for an online chat. 


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